The Space Tower is a permanent amusement ride, located at the South East corner of the Minnesota State Fair. Built in 1964, it is one of many identical rides built throughout the world. It stands over 300 feet tall, has a seating capacity of 50-60 passengers, takes approximately 3-5 minutes per ride.


Construction on the Space Tower was started in 1964, completed by the 1964 fair. The parts were manufactured in Germany and shipped to the US on ships, arriving in Duluth. The parts were then loaded onto trucks and brought down to the Minnesota State Fairgrounds.

From 1964 until 1980 there was one owner, who also owned and operated multiple other rides and attractions on the fairgrounds, including the Sky Ride, Haunted House, Carousel and the beer gardens. After he passed away, the rides and attractions were split up and given to his different children, who in turn sold them off or continued to operate them. The Space Tower transferred hands to a new owner, who operated it for only one year, then sold it to Errol and Gretchen Kantor.